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Erosion Control:

"Erosion and Sediment Controls" 1. Minimize Disturbed Areas: -By carefully delineating the area that will be disturbed by grading or earthwork activities, you can greatly reduce the potential for soil erosion. Installing silt fencing to act as a     buffer…

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Drainage Around Structures

Site Drainage

Drainage is key

All surface areas should be provided sufficient surface slopes & proper sub “underground” drainage and/or preferably both. This is done so water will not stand anywhere and the ground will rapidly dry and soil will firm. Special care may be required to sub-drain any soil touching basement walls, retaining walls and floors.

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Compaction is an absolute requirement in at least some part of most earthwork projects, and is usually worth its cost in filling and back-filling even if it is not required. The primary effect of a piece of compaction equipment is…

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