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All In A Days Work

All In a Days Work

All in a Days Work

Join Michael Willhite on the job site working with his Caterpillar 950K Wheel Loader and Caterpillar 320E Excavator. All in a days work!

This is a material processing job for a house pad and road crossing in Montecito, California in sunny Santa Barbara Country. Processing material is the action of cleaning the material of debris and organic material so it is clean and fit for use as fill for a home foundation, road, or driveway.

Debris and organic material can lead to unwanted settling and uneven foundations, which obviously is not a desired outcome on the job site.

On this project, we used all tier 4 interim and tier 4 final equipment from Caterpillar. This meets California’s most strict environmental requirements, codes, and laws. A 950K Wheel Loader is used to move large quantifies of material quickly and efficiently with precision and accuracy. The 320 Excavator is used to excavate material from the ground for movement around the job site and to separate and clean the material. This allows us to separate rock from dirt and other unwanted material.

About Willhite Grading and Excavation

Willhite Grading and ExcavationWillhite Grading proudly serves Montecito and the entire Central California region. With 18 years experience, Michael Willhite brings professionalism, quality, and reliability to the job every day, and he is ready to get to work helping you build your perfect home, business, and assist with any other other grading and excavation needs.

Hire locally and get experience you can trust with Willhite Grading and Excavation. All in a days work!


Owner and operator of Willhite Grading

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