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CAT and Why

CAT. It's no secret that I'm a huge supporter of this company. I love the look, I love the color, and I love the brand, but I'm here to tell you it goes much deeper than just the superficial. I…

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ConExpo Video Recap with Willhite Grading and Excavation – ConExpo 2017

After a great visit to ConExpo this year, we put together this great video showing what the experience was like. It was great meeting other online dirt workers from Instagram and around the construction community.

What is ConExpo?

ConExpo Caterpillar -

ConExpo is the world’s largest construction trade show and expo. The 2017 event brought together 130,000 construction professionals and enthusiasts to view the latest developments in heavy equipment and technology for all parts of the construction and agriculture industry.

For Willhite Grading, a premier grading and excavation company serving Santa Barbara and Southern California, this construction event is a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and friends from around the world as we gathered to discuss how to best handle the unique challenges that come up in the world of construction.

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