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ConExpo Video Recap With Willhite Grading And Excavation – ConExpo 2017

ConExpo Video Recap with Willhite Grading and Excavation – ConExpo 2017

After a great visit to ConExpo this year, we put together this great video showing what the experience was like. It was great meeting other online dirt workers from Instagram and around the construction community.

What is ConExpo?

ConExpo Caterpillar -

ConExpo is the world’s largest construction trade show and expo. The 2017 event brought together 130,000 construction professionals and enthusiasts to view the latest developments in heavy equipment and technology for all parts of the construction and agriculture industry.

For Willhite Grading, a premier grading and excavation company serving Santa Barbara and Southern California, this construction event is a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and friends from around the world as we gathered to discuss how to best handle the unique challenges that come up in the world of construction.

ConExpo highlights

ConExpo Case Booth -
My video guy and brother-in-law checking out the cab of a Case mini excavator at ConExpo 2017.

We captured some of the best highlights in our video above, but we couldn’t pack it all into a few minutes. Here are some other fun highlights from my trip:

  • Met with representatives from Quinn Caterpillar, Caterpillar’s corporate office, Trimble, and other vendors I use on the job site every day.
  • Hung out with fellow Instagram dirt workers like pushy6, lowpunk, bullinthechinashop, sohjustin, thelineboringkid, rockstructures, and many more.
  • Attended the Caterpillar party at Caesar’s Palace with silk dancers, like music, and plenty of food and drinks for all.
  • Saw the cast of TV’s Gold Rush live in person.
  • Saw a demo of new Trimble technology that I will be installing in the near future, thanks to Sitech Pacific.
  • Saw “dancing” machines that weigh as much as 25 tons, or 50,000 pounds. It was crazy to see how graceful well trained operators can work!

Should you attend ConExpo 2020?

As the biggest event in the industry, this is a don’t miss event if you have the means and the time to make it to Vegas. ConExpo only takes place every three years, so if you want to make those valuable connections and learn about the newest in construction equipment, safety, and technology, ConExpo is the go to event.

A big thanks to Quinn Caterpillar for hooking me up with tickets for this year’s event! Jacob Bates and the awesome team at Quinn always treat me right, and had a great time hanging out with the crew from Quinn and Caterpillar at ConExpo 2017.

The next ConExpo will be ConExpo 2020. If you own a company in the construction industry, this conference is a don’t miss event. If you are a worker aspiring to own your own company, again, make ConExpo a priority. Even if you have no plans to own a business, anyone in the industry can have fun and learn something new at ConExpo 2020. And, after all, it’s Vegas. It’s almost impossible to have a bad time!

I’m looking forward to ConExpo 2020. See you in 3 years!


Owner and operator of Willhite Grading

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