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DRI DUCK Presents Ditch Diggers VIDEO

DRI DUCK presents Ditch Diggers VIDEO

DRI DUCK presents Ditch Diggers, a poem by Eric Borden.

After hearing someone refer to people who don’t go to college as “ditch diggers” in a not-so-flattering way, Eric was inspired to write a powerful poem that reversed the negative connotation of blue-collar workers. Eric’s poem has inspired many individuals in and out of skilled trades by shining a light on the importance of people who build this world and love what they do. In turn, it inspires acts of kindness, which is how #ThankADitchDigger was born.

Know a ditch digger? Use the hashtag #ThankADitchDigger to show your support.

Ditch Diggers is proudly presented by DRI DUCK – workwear and outdoor gear built to be the toughest of its kind to elevate your life’s adventures. Learn more about Ditch Diggers here:

Special thanks to these organizations for their hand in creating this incredible video:
JE Dunn Construction
Kissick Construction
LMG Construction
Mark One Electric
Quarry Veterans Community Project

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