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Solutions Based On Tiltrotator, Accessories And Tools

Solutions based on Tiltrotator, accessories and tools

What is engcon?
engcon is a world leading supplier of effective, efficient total concepts for excavators. Their solutions are based on their tiltrotator, accessories and tools. The concept also includes installation, service and aftermarket care through our service partners. This provides us profitability, flexibility and safety with a unique total package created through innovation.

A tiltrotator is an excavator’s wrist. It allows the bucket to tilt and rotate. Flexibility and efficiency are part of the bargain.

The tiltrotator allows the bucket to rotate unhindered around its axis – infinite flexibility.

A tiltrotator means the bucket can tilt 45 degrees – maximum efficiency.

A little history
It all began with the unique tiltrotator. engcon founder Stig Engström developed a product to make a machine operator’s working day more effective – an innovative invention that meant entirely new capabilities. Thanks to our innovative product, the excavator’s bucket can rotate infinitely and tilt up to 45 degrees. It makes work safer, more efficient and more profitable. Today, almost all new excavators in the Nordic region are fitted with tiltrotators. As the world’s leading tiltrotator manufacturer, engcon is constantly developing its range of tiltrotators, tools and accessories.

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