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Compaction is an absolute requirement in at least some part of most earthwork projects, and is usually worth its cost in filling and back-filling even if it is not required. The primary effect of a piece of compaction equipment is…

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Excavation Safety

Excavation SafetyExcavation safety should be of the utmost importance to people who work in the excavation industry. As experts in ore field we know how potentially dangerous and devastating a trench line or excavation collapse could be. In fact excavation work has a 112% higher fatality rate than general construction. This is why trenching & shoring standards must be met for all excavations deeper than 5 ft this is actually a required by law and depending on your location the standard may be 4 ft. Check with local and state regulations.

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Estimating  I entered into the bidding world 6 years ago, and to be perfectly honest, I was clueless. One thing you learn fast is that people hold their bidding practices tightly, and rightly so! For me it's taken 6 years…

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