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Willhite Grading & Excavation Inc. looks forward to earning your trust and working toward common goals while always keeping safety, budget, efficiency along with environmental concerns at the forefront of all operations.

Trimble® Earthworks GO! Grade Control Platform

Trimble® Earthworks GO! brings machine control down to earth by allowing you to install and move the system yourself to reduce machine downtime. Get the results you need, the first time, with Trimble® Earthworks GO!

The Driving Force

Mike Willhite has spent his life working on the land and sea. His hard work and tenacity have paid off, as Willhite Grading & Excavation has become a trusted business throughout Central California.

Create Your Own Path

Cat customer Mike Willhite has developed a worldwide following through social media. Through his influence and knowledge, he is teaching the next generation of heavy equipment operators and business owners.

Just Start the Conversation

Willhite Grading & Excavation and their Cat® dealer have built a lasting relationship. For the past decade, the two have worked together to provide quality work throughout Central California


Trimble® Earthworks GO! Grade Control Platform Trimble® Earthworks GO! brings machine control down to earth by allowing you to install…

Solutions based on Tiltrotator, accessories and tools

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Earthworks Grade Control Platform

80% of construction jobs run into overtime. That’s why the new Trimble® Earthworks Grade Control…


Construction cost estimating is difficult work and no matter what type of construction is involved it’s still a pain. I feel estimating earthwork is the hardest of all. Why? Two reasons come to mind. First, excavation has more variables and unknowns. You never know what’s down there until you start digging. Second, you have to rely on info from many different sources and some may not be accurate.

By carefully delineating the area that will be disturbed by grading or earthwork activities, you can greatly reduce the potential for soil erosion. Installing silt fencing to act as a buffer between area to be graded and area not to be disturbed is one of the easiest and most cost effective solutions and is usually required. Hay bales can also be used.

People who work in the excavation industry know how potentially dangerous and devastating a trench line collapse could be. In fact excavation work has a 112% higher fatality rate than general construction. This is why trenching & shoring standards must be met for all excavations deeper than 4 ft. This is actually required by law.

All surface areas should provide sufficient surface slopes & proper sub “underground” drainage and/or preferably both. This is done so water will not stand anywhere and the ground will rapidly dry and soil will firm. Special care may be required to sub-drain any soil touching basement walls, retaining walls and floors.


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Willhite Grading offers dependable service for your dream home or upcoming renovation project.

Michael Willhite has been serving California coastal communities for over sixteen years.